Photoshop Alternative: Corel PHOTO-PAINT

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Artist, Illustrator and CorelDRAW Master Stefan Lindblad recently shared his thoughts on Corel PHOTO-PAINT as an alternative to Photoshop. Find out what he had to say in this blog post, originally shared on his blog: 

With Adobe moving 100% to cloud based software, more and more users are looking for Adobe Photoshop alternatives. The alternative I already use and have used since 1997 is Corel PHOTO-PAINT (also spelled Photopaint by some, and in the CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT community, many times simply called PP) from leading software maker Corel, which also develops Corel PAINTER and PaintShop Pro.

PHOTO-PAINT used to be a standalone program for photographers and illustrators, just like Photoshop is. But nowadays, it’s an integrated part of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

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